About us

at Abbey Farm Rhuddlan

Our family has been farming here for over 100 years.  Rob is the 4th generation with Lewis and Owen showing a keen interest to carry on the family farm tradition. 

In 2020, having enjoyed a successful career in the Construction Industry, Celia hung up her suits for wellies to help Rob on the farm with and to expand the caravan and camping park.

Once a milking farm, today we focus on beef and sheep that enjoy the beautiful countryside in the picturesque village of Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, North Wales

Farming has evolved hugely over the 100 years.  From ploughing with horses to now ploughing with a different type of horse power.  It does make you wonder how farming will change during Lewis and Owen’s generation….

Everyday on the farm

….whether we are tending to livestock, harvesting, lambing or just general maintenance, there is always a job that needs doing.  However, there are some activities that take place the same time every year…..

below is a snapshot of ‘a year of our life on Abbey Farm’

January is a time…

to prepare over 650 sheep so they are fully healthy and ready for lambing.  We will bring them in from the fields home to the farm where they will have a lovely stay in the barns until their lambs are born.  Here they will be cared for and fed all the nutrients needed to see them through the next few weeks.  

February and March at the farm…

…is probably our most intensive and rewarding time.  Lambing generally starts in the first week of February and continues for around 7 weeks.  This time is a real 24/7 family operation keeping us all busy – many sleepless nights! 

As the lambs go out to the fields within a few days of being born, we really get to see their playful and mischievous nature develop as they explore their new playground and make friends. 

April comes with a Spring in our step…

…as we open Abbey Farm caravan and camping!  We enjoy this time of the year as we get to see old friends and welcome new ones.  A busy time fertilising the fields to encourage the grass to grow for silage, hay and straw ready for cutting during the Summer. 

Fields will be prepared for ploughing, cultivating and sowing with corn and maize.  This will be harvested in the Autumn to provide food and bedding for the animals during the winter.  

May is a great time for us, and the cows…

…as they are let out of their winter ‘lockdown’ into the freedom of the fields for the summer. A time where the lucky sheep have their yearly hair cut with our favourite shearers. 

Shearing is really important so that the sheep keep cool and stress free.  This also helps reduce infestations and allows their fleece to grow ready for insulating them through the winter.  

A busy time for the harvesters and balers that come out to play in June and July

…to ‘make hay while the sun shines’ at Abbey Farm.  Fields are cut for hay that is baled for feed.  We cut for sileage which is grass that is put in a pit, covered with sheeting and tyres to compact it, this allows it to ferment over time and provide nutrients to feed the cows and sheep over winter.

Fields are also cut for straw which provides bedding for the animals.

Here comes the end of August and it’s all about the sheep…

…as our teaser rams, George, Roger and Geoffrey are introduced to the sheep for a few weeks.  They work hard to bring the sheep into season before they are replaced by the ‘big boys’ who are ready to go beginning of September – what a life! 

We use different colour blocks on their harnesses so we know which sheep are due to lamb and in which week – how organised are we… 

Last week in October at Abbey Farm caravan and camping…

…sees the end of our caravan season and we say a fond farewell to our caravan and camping friends for another season! The cows return to their indoor homes for the winter where they will be warm and fed daily. 

This month will be a busy time for the tractors and forager to harvest the maize for the silage pit.  We will also plant turnips and barley which are full of nutrients and goodness for the sheep to graze after lambing. 

¶It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas¶ at Abbey Farm Rhuddlan in November and December

…with the next few weeks being full of fun and frolics as we get to see families return to buy their Christmas trees.  A joyful time for all! 

Ho Ho Ho…

…and a Very Merry Christmas to you all from us at Abbey Farm Rhuddlan…where we will enjoy family time.  Don’t worry, the cows and sheep will get their Christmas dinner! 

And Relax……..We look forward to doing it all over again next year!😊