Five reasons to stay on a working farm

Abbey Farm Caravan Park Rhuddlan, North Wales

Abbey Farm Glamping North Wales

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2024 is set to be another great season for UK campsites with more families increasing the number of times they holiday in the great outdoors.

Last few years has seen an increase in people’s interest in farming with programmes such as Clarkson’s farm so gone have the perceptions of a muddy, middle of nowhere smelly farm with a grumpy farmer to boot…

This has naturally increased the number of people wanting to experience a stay on a working farm wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But here’s our top 5 reasons we think people come to stay with us:

  1. A peaceful rural setting – we are located in a beautiful setting with stunning mountain views where you can enjoy the ever-changing sunrises and sunsets.
  2. It’s just good to be around animals – they give you such a sense of positive wellbeing and a smile, whether it’s watching the chickens wander, or being entertained by the cows and sheep whilst they play and graze in their natural environment.
  3. Nature is a great thing – The seasons treat us to some wonderful treats, whether it be waking to the birds dawn chorus, seeing the changes to the mountain views, the trees or the wildlife that people can enjoy on their walks around the area.
  4. You get to meet the animals!! Depending on when you visit, there may be sheep and lambs around for you to meet or cows to watch playing around the campsite fencing. Everyone is welcomed by our sheepdogs and we also have miniature Shetland ponies, alpacas and chickens for you to meet.
  5. It’s an education! We are always happy to talk about the farm, the history and through the seasons you may even get to see a harvest underway or cows being let out of their winter shutdown


Getting away whether it be for a weekend or longer is so important as they create memories that last a lifetime and when you stay on a working farm, this is what you will get and we love that!

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