Lambing season has started!

Abbey Farm Caravan Park Rhuddlan, North Wales

Lambing Season

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Lambing season has begun. This is the time of year when sheep give birth to their lambs. It is an exciting and busy time for us. The gestation period for sheep is approximately 145 to 155 days, so we prepare for lambing by making sure the ewes are well-nourished and have a safe and comfortable environment to give birth in.

During lambing season, for us starts at the end of January, we bring all the pregnant sheep into our barns so that we can keep a close eye on them, checking them regularly to make sure they are healthy and ready to deliver their lambs. This also means we have to be around 24/7 to give any help to any ewes that may need it during the birthing process – it’s a very tiring but rewarding time!

Once the lambs are born, they require immediate attention and care. We ensure that the mothers have milk and that the lamb can suckle well before we move onto another job. Sometimes, we have to bottle-feeding some lambs until they are strong enough to take milk off mum or provide extra heat, especially for weaker or orphaned lambs.

When we turn the sheep and lambs out to the fields which is about 4 days after lambing, and is our favourite time seeing the little lambs exploring their surroundings, hopping around in the fields and making new lamb friends. It is also a sign that spring has arrived.

Overall, lambing season is an important time for all farmers, and we put in a great deal of time, effort, care and dedication to making sure that the lambs and ewes receive the best care and attention. It is an exciting and heart-warming time when the fields come alive with the beauty of new-born lambs.

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