Why do we bring our cows in for winter?

Abbey Farm Caravan Park Rhuddlan, North Wales

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We bring our cows in from the fields in October and they won’t go back out to pasture until the Spring. There are several reasons we do this, one of which is that there simply would not be enough food to sustain them outdoors. During September/October we will already be taking hay out to them in the fields so that they can stay outside for as long as possible but as grass grows slowly over Autumn/Winter, there simply would being enough food, which means they would lose weight, be prone to illness and just generally be very unhappy.

Once indoors in their fresh and airy sheds, they have fresh water, every day we clean out the sheds and they’ll have new fresh straw to lie on, fed plenty of silage, made up from grass and maize that we harvested over the Summer, and hay so they are getting all the nutritious food they need.

Bringing the cows in for winter at Abbey Farm

Bringing cows indoors ensures that they stay warm, comfortable and that we can keep a closer eye on them so we are able to pick up on any health issues issues.

Another reason we bring them off the fields in October is that we start lambing in January/February and those same sheep and lambs will want to graze the fields that the cows have left. Once the rain comes, and with the grass growing slowly, the soil has little protection from the cattle hooves so the fields would soon become waterlogged and muddy and wouldn’t recover quick enough to turn sheep and lambs out for their vital grazing.

We love the Spring as one of our favourite times of the year is when we let the cows out after a long winter……to see them run, jump and play in the fields is sheer delight.

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